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A Rehab Center for Maximizing Equine Strength & Ability

Welcome to MESA Rehab Center!

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MESA Rehab Center is located at Mesa Farm in Foristell, Missouri atop 40 acres of lush green pastures with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. At MESA Rehab Center, our goal is to maximize your equine’s strength and ability while also treating them as part of our family. We provide individualized boarding with a variety of services for injured and rehabbing horses who need additional care and treatment. Our staff is well versed in a variety of injuries and will communicate any needs and concerns with you and your veterinarian during your equine’s stay.


The full board package offers basic boarding amenities that can be personalized for each horse. Horses are monitored 24/7 via cameras and staff lives on property to help ensure your horse’s safety. Whether your horse needs concentrated daily care or a quiet place for rest and recovery, MESA Rehab Center strives to provide the best for each equine individual and their family.

Our Services


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