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Rehab Board

Your horse's comfort and recovery are top priorities at MESA Rehab Center. Each boarding package is customized to your horse's needs.

The rehab boarding package includes:

  • 12x12 rubber matted stall with dutch window and automatic waterer 

  • 2x daily stall/paddock cleaning

  • grain fed 2x/daily

  • hay fed 3x/daily 

  • supplement feeding and medication administration

  • fans in summer, blanketing services in winter

  • individual cameras in all stalls and on-site staff for 24/7 monitoring

  • vet appointment scheduling, holding, and communication

  • access to come see your horse whenever you like during normal operating hours

  • various size dry lots and pasture options when your horse is ready for turnout

  • access to various other inpatient services 

Because your horse's recovery and happiness are top priorities, we provide frequent updates to you and your veterinarian on your horse's recovery process. We work closely with your veterinarian to ensure we are providing the best care, rehab program, and environment for your horse to thrive during their recovery.

We also understand the importance of owner-horse interaction during your horse's recovery and allow owners to visit as often as they like.

Whether your horse needs a quiet place for stall rest following an injury, reconditioning after months of time off, constant monitoring and attention after surgery, or anything in between, here at MESA Rehab Center, our goal is to offer exceptional care and service to help your horse through their recovery journey.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your horse during its rehab process whether that be post-injury or post-surgery.


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