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Equine Facilities


  • Spacious 12' x 12'  stalls with automatic waterers, individual fans, and dutch windows

  • Airconditioned and heated tack room and bathroom

  • 70' x 144' indoor arena and 120' x 240' outdoor arena for rehabbing activities

  • designated lunging arena

  • Individual turnout in one of our large spacious turn-out pastures or dry lots 

  • Stall cameras for each horse to be monitored 24/7

  • On-site staff 

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What We Offer

At MESA Rehab Center, we offer a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for rehabbing horses. Our facilities allow for customized care during your equine's stay to give you peace of mind during the rehab process. We not only focus on the physical recovery of your horse, but also their emotional recovery. Enrichment activities and low stimulation are important components to a successful recovery, and we take pride in our ability to offer a well-rounded approach to equine rehab.​

Around The Farm

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