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"I highly recommend Emily at Mesa Rehab.

As we are nearing the end of our rehab, there are SO many things to love about Mesa Rehab.

24/7 attention to care has been EXACTLY as prescribed by my vet, daily documentation of observations is reported to me monthly, frequent updates by text which sometimes make my day, frequent consultations with vet to update progress and get further instruction, my horse's stall, run, and lot are always spotless, 2x/day feeding (including supplements) with hay throughout the day, application of fly spray and/or fly sheet as needed, and I can schedule visits at any time.

The best part has been having 100% confidence that my boy has been receiving the exact care and love that he needs for optimal healing!"


—  Mindy S. & Tango


I brought Unique to Emily and Anna Hoffmann at Mesa Farm, after Unique gave me an unplanned dismount at home. The question was…was this naughty behavior or a pain issue? After evaluation from Emily, Anna, and Mid-Rivers Equine, it was determined we had a suspensory issue. Not severe, but needing rehab. I also needed rehab for my confidence. As we age our bodies and confidence do not bounce back so quickly.
So Unique and I spent several months at Mesa Farm with rehab and retraining for both of us. Emily laid out a day-by-day rehab/training schedule that worked for Unique and got me back in the saddle. Unique healed quickly under Emily and Anna’s care and plan. Emily rode Unique, gave me lessons and Anna helped handle his day-to-day care. These two young women are the most intuitive horse people I know. They know what both the horse and rider need and what would be best for each of them.
Icing on the cake- Once he was healed and fit, we decided to see if Unique wanted to do some jumping. He had always loved jumping, but it had been over 2 years since he did any. So, we tried some small 18” jumps in one of his training sessions and he loved it. So, we decided to go to the Flying Fox schooling show where Emily would ride him. No expectations. Just an easy weekend of schooling and fun. The whole weekend Unique rode beautifully. He was happy, sound, and fit. He was Division Champion taking blue ribbons in all 4 over fence classes!!  He was perfect all 3 days and Emily’s riding was perfect.
Unique is back home with me now, but I will continue going up to Mesa Farm 2-3 times a week for lessons and training rides from Emily. Working with Emily and Anna has given me new motivation to further improve my riding with Unique (he loves the way Emily rides him), keep my rides interesting for him so he stays focused and trust him and myself.

Unique champion.jpg

—  Leslie A. & Unique 



It is always hard to trust just anyone with the care of your beloved horse, but I can truly say they went above and beyond our expectations at MESA Rehab. It is owned and operated by a great family that provides wonderful care & lots of love to the residents. Our gelding was ready for riding following months of stall & paddock rest due to a ruptured superficial digital flexor tendon. Emily followed the plan set forth by our vet as well as took the initiative to slowly and methodically get our "Butterball" back in shape. He spent almost 5 months under their care and came back ready and willing to work. Known to be a little slow-on-the-go, he now picks up the canter on voice command - that alone was worth their reasonable fees!! Highly recommend MESA if you are looking for a beautiful facility offering great care delivered by kind people.

—  Jody W. & Austin

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